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Monthly Mag - Feb 21

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It is now 6 months since we started this online magazine and to be honest, we have no real idea whether anybody reads it, and if they do, which of the pages do they find to be the most interesting. To help solve this problem we have introduced at the top left corner of every magazine page a 'Thumbs Up' & a 'Thumbs Down' icon under the heading LIKE THIS PAGE?

From  now on all we ask is whenever you go to any of the magazine pages for the first time that month only click on the 'Thumbs Up' if you like it, or 'Thumbs down' if you don't think it very interesting. 

Hopefully, this way, we will be able to tailor the magazine content to best suit you our members.

Contents Summary:

Continue reading Bookworm
Book Reviews For February LETHAL WHITE by Robert Galbraith [aka J K Rowling]  Published by Sphere 2018 In order to construct a successful detective series, it’s necessary to have a central character, or characters, to whom the reader can...
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Continue reading Buying Local
Buying Local
The History of Our Local Shops In A Few Hundred Words If the coronavirus taught us anything, it was just how valuable our local shops  and businesses are .  All Plants North, Garden Centre Cracoe All Plants North is a small but...
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Continue reading Memory Lane
Memory Lane
Vive La Différence With the new year well upon us I can recall that in earlier years at this time the thoughts of many of us turned to foreign summer holidays.  Whilst things remain uncertain in this regard my thoughts have turned to my student days...
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Continue reading Finish The Story
Finish The Story
The words that start this month's story - "She looked down and saw footprints in the snow" 1. Footsteps in the Snow by Ian Clark I looked down and saw the footsteps in the snow. I had not seen him arrive as I was absorbed in watching the flakes...
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