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The Trials & Tribulations of Being A Concert Club Coordinator

The drizzle dripped steadily from my cap to my nose and thence to oblivion whilst I waited in the gloom with cars swishing past like wild animals intent on their prey. I tried hard to ignore the bright unavailable lights of the pub opposite. “You the only one getting on here then?”  I mounted into the warmth and comfort of the Hargreaves coach and took the best seat. “Colvend then, always a good crowd there.” I clutched my bright plastic folder full of carefully written second hand envelopes “Colvend”, “Threshfield”, “Old Hall” and “Cracoe”. All the tickets with slips in alphabetical order. Here they come. All say “Hello” and I say with a weak smile “May I have your name please? Shuffling my carefully arranged slips I dream wouldn’t it be wonderful if they queued in alphabetical order?

“Hello I do not have a ticket for you”. Fears about incompetence,  facing the reasonable anger arising from disappointment and general disruption with everyone watching and listening. “Oh no, you won't have, she could not make it and said  I could come in her place”  Blood pressure drops. We are one short “I’ve seen him running along the road” I hear and sure enough, first stop successfully negotiated. Next stop  Why have I got so many tickets left? Out with the mobile phone I hope it works. “The Concert Club coach is waiting for you” “Oh, its  not until next week”  “You are a quarter of an hour early” “I completely forgot”  What do the rules say. “Leave them behind!! Am I that brave?  Next stop. “ I have two tickets for you, where is your friend?” “Oh, She always gets on at the next stop. Give me the tickets.” “But then I won’t have a ticket for her when she gets on and I will have to let her on without a ticket and I won’t know who is on and who is not” Final stop all aboard  tickets given out and  envelopes empty .  Hurrah.

I’m demob happy now never mind where the coach parks and if anyone can’t find it afterwards. Am I cut out for this Job? Well everyone seems happy so I suppose I am.