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The Future For Concert Club?!?

We are not sure how long Concert Club has been going, but our best guess is 35+ years. However, we are certain that we have given our members the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a wide range of music and plays being performed in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Ripon, Manchester, and beyond. Our members enjoy all this without getting their car out of the garage, no navigating, often at night, through busy towns trying to find the venue and that elusive and often expensive car park.

But this valuable service to so many people may be at risk and soon end because we are struggling to find a new treasurer to replace our current treasurer [Wally Wilton] who is retiring at Christmas. Under general club regulations, this is a mandatory role and unless, between now and then, we can find a replacement, sadly Concert Club must close down.

Please take time to read below the work involved in being treasurer, and give it some thought. Wally will not be leaving the managing team and so will be on hand to provide the newcomer with all the assistance they need.


The role is open to any member and despite the image, you do not need to wear a suit or own a calculator.

Everything is on a spreadsheet, the treasurer enters money coming in and money going out, whilst all the hard work of calculating totals is done for you by the magic of the spreadsheet.

There is a comprehensive 'Treasurer's Guide' which will get you started, plus help will always be available at the end of a phone line or via email. There is very little paperwork, everything is stored on the Concert Club laptop which would be on a semi-permanent loan to the treasurer.

For more information contact Wally Wilton on 01756 752 196 or uwconcertclub@gmail.com

Please give it some thought, and save Concert Club