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Finish The Story

The words that start this month's story - "The wind and rain increased in intensity as the young girl ..........

STORYLINE 1 - "The wind and rain increased in intensity as the young girl .........

dumped herself on the upright chair. “Give us a fag sir” “Behave yourself  Maureen”  the middle aged man smiled.  You know I can’t . “Yeh  but I’ve just finished double Hockey and I ‘m gagging, and I’m soaked. Mrs Jones made us play in the rain and stay out until the bell went. She did it deliberately the old bat”“I’m sure it’s good for you. You know the school is   preparing you for life and what better preparation than a good dose of unnecessary suffering and  deliberately inflicted grief. Your dad is paying a lot of money for this you know”“Give us a fag. The caretaker would but the old perv always wants a good ogle  and keeps the cigs on the top shelf which we have to climb up to get them.” “Seems to me another good lesson. Have you ever thought of giving up smoking?” “ What are you - the thought police? The fags are the only things keeping me going. Anyway you don’t show any signs of giving up. Everyone knows you are always going outside for a quick drag .” “There are worse vices. Don’t you have any worthwhile activity to be getting on with whilst you are waiting for your bus -  homework for example?" “Get lost you sound just like my dad. You could give me a lift home” “Yes and lose my job. No thank you.  Are you seeing -who is it this week -Mark this weekend?”

“Don’t be so nosy. It never was Mark and never will be. Little Miss ‘goody two shoes’ has got the hots for him but he is so dim he can’t see. Angel, Mint and me will see what turns up. Better be more interesting than last week. Come on with that fag. I won’t smoke it until I am outside. I promise.”

“Would it persuade you to do the homework I set you on time?

“Yes, yes  definitely sir”

“Really .Why do I have doubts. Well here you are. Now go away and leave me to, ahem, enquire about Mrs Jones health after all that hockey.”

“Ta Sir. See you next week”